Advanced Mathematical Concepts: Precalculus with by Berchie Holliday

By Berchie Holliday

Booklet via Holliday, Berchie, Cuevas, Gilbert J., McClure, Melissa S.

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S. Dept. of Commerce Lesson 1-6 Modeling Real-World Data with Linear Functions 41 5. Education Do you share a computer at school? The table shows the average number of students per computer in public schools in the United States. Students per Computer Academic Year 1983– 1984– 1984–1985– 1985– 1986– 1986– 1987– 1987– 1988– 1988– 1989– 1989– 1990– 1990– 1991– Average 125 75 50 37 32 25 22 20 Academic Year 1991– 1992– 1992– 1993– 1993– 1994– 1994– 1995– 1995– 1996– 1996– 1997– ? 8 1 Source: QED’s Technology in Public Schools E XERCISES l Wor ea Complete parts a–d for each set of data given in Exercises 6–11.

However, the slope of the line suggested by the data is negative. Chapter 1 Linear Relations and Functions O x The points in this scatter plot are very dispersed and do not appear to form a linear pattern. A prediction equation can be determined using a process similar to determining the equation of a line using two points. The process is dependent upon your judgment. You decide which two points on the line are used to find the slope and intercept. Your prediction equation may be different from someone else’s.

Economy. How could you use the data on average personal income for 1980 to 1997 to predict the average personal income in 2010? This problem will be solved in Example 3. A mathematical model may be an equation used to approximate a real-world set of data. Often when you work with real-world data, you know information about a line without knowing its equation. You can use characteristics of the graph of the data to write an equation for a line. This equation is a model of the data. Writing an equation of a line may be done in a variety of ways depending upon the information you are given.

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