Advances in Biomimetics by Anne George

By Anne George

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C. & Iacono, V. J. (1998). Variability of hydroxyapatite-coated dental implants. Int. J. Oral. Maxillofac Implants, 13, 601-610. Gross, K. ; Ray, N. & Rokkum, M. (2002). The contribution of coating microstructure to degradation and particle release in hydroxyapatite coated prostheses. , 63, 106-14. Guo, X. ; Yu, S. H. & Cai, G. B. (2006). A New controlled crystallization approach in a mixed solution using an artificial peptide type block copolymer as a crystal modifier: highly monodisperse CaCO3 microspheres and morphology control.

Lett. 2007, 61, 5133. Copyright 2007 Elsevier. , 2007) with the nanosheets grew perpendicularly on the nanorods were synthesized using Ba(NO3)2 and (NH4)2CO3 in the water/ethylene glycol (EG) mixed solvents by oil bath heating at 80 oC for 30 min (Fig. 7). The molar ratio of water to EG had an effect on the morphology of BaCO3. BaCO3 nanorods with diameters of about 250 nm and lengths of about 1μm. It is interesting that the nanosheets grew perpendicularly on the nanorods, as shown in Fig. 7b–d.

2007, 7, 4552. Copyright 2007 ASP. 30 Advances in Biomimetics Fig. 12. SEM micrographs of SrCO3 prepared by microwave heating an aqueous solution of (NH4)2CO3 and Sr(NO3)2 at 90 oC. (a) for 30 s, and (b) for 1 min. Reproduced with permission from J. Nanosc. Nanotechn. 2007, 7, 4552. Copyright 2007 ASP. Fig. 13. SEM micrographs of SrCO3 prepared by microwave heating an aqueous solution of (NH4)2CO3, Sr(NO3)2 and EDA at 90 oC for 20 min. (a) at a lower magnification, (b) at a higher magnification, (c) the top view of the branch-like morphology, (d) a typical single branch assembled from nanoparticles.

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