Advances in Mesopotamian Medicine from Hammurabi to by Attia, A.; Buisson. G. (ed.)

By Attia, A.; Buisson. G. (ed.)

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In this case the position of the Lung is often the most affected. The pulses also have an overall strength or depletion according to the patient’s general Qi balance and according to which Organs are affected. When people feel ‘uptight’ and angry the pulse will often have a stretched tight feeling known as a ‘wiry’ pulse. Another pulse quality is a ‘slippery’ pulse. This feels as if it is slipping away from the finger and gives information about the state of the patient’s Body Fluids. 57 58 Principles of chinese medicine Altogether there are 28 qualities that can be felt on the pulse and you will often have more than one quality manifesting.

The 12 pulse points Left wrist Right wrist Yang Organ Yin Organ Yin Organ Yang Organ First position Small Intestine Heart Lung Large Intestine Second position Gall Bladder Liver Spleen Stomach Third position Bladder Kidney (Yin) Pericardium/ Triple Burner Kidney (Yang) There are many different qualities that are felt on the pulses. These can tell the practitioner about the balance of your Qi. For example, when a person has an illness deep inside the body the pulse will feel deep down or be ‘sinking’.

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