Aggression against Ukraine: Territory, Responsibility, and by Thomas D. Grant (auth.)

By Thomas D. Grant (auth.)

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Some thirty years of theory now exists about the diversification of international actors. This (non-State) branch of the international family tree is the main focus of whole disciplines and domains of policy and practice. Scholars observe that the largest business organizations now are more powerful than States and operate without regard to boundaries. In a compelling sense this is a fact of modern international relations. The earnings of the largest companies are greater than the GDP of some countries; and the largest companies operate almost everywhere.

It is a threat of a character that international lawyers had assumed would not arise again. 6 M Aggression against Ukraine Addressing the Challenge: An Unanswered Need The annexation of Crimea is not the first modern incident to cause despondency to settle over those who study and practice international relations and international law. A prevalent view holds, with weariness, that this is yet another example of a large State using force without accountability and outside a system of rules. In that view, we have seen it all before.

It is dubious to suppose that international law in its present form would survive their loss. It is for this reason that a challenge to the territorial settlement requires a full response. The present work concerns the most serious challenge to the territorial settlement since 1945. The annexation of territory from Ukraine, which the Russian Federation announced in March 2014, is one of the very few instances since 1945 in which a State has undertaken by force to impose a new territorial settlement.

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