Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing by Matthew W. Crocker, Martin Pickering, Charles Clifton Jr

By Matthew W. Crocker, Martin Pickering, Charles Clifton Jr

The architectures and mechanisms underlying language processing shape one vital a part of the final constitution of cognition. This booklet, written via top specialists within the box, brings jointly linguistic, mental, and computational views on the various basic matters. a number of common introductory chapters supply overviews on very important psycholinguistic learn frameworks and spotlight either shared assumptions and arguable concerns. next chapters discover syntactic and lexical mechanisms, the interplay of syntax and semantics in language knowing, and the results for cognitive structure.

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18 CHAPTER 2. DEPENDENCY PARSING yield of wi such that wk → wk is in the tree but wk is not between the end-points of the yield of wi . But such an arc would necessarily cross at least one other arc and thus the tree could not have been projective in the first place. The nested tree property is the primary reason that many computational dependency parsing systems have focused on producing trees that are projective as it has been shown that certain dependency grammars enforcing projectivity are (weakly) equivalent in generative capacity to context-free grammars, which are well understood computationally from both complexity and formal power standpoints.

2 FORMAL DEFINITION OF DEPENDENCY PARSING In this section, we aim to make mathematically precise the dependency parsing problem for both data-driven and grammar-based methods. To reiterate a point made in the previous chapter, data-driven and grammar-based methods are compatible. A grammar-based method can be data-driven when its parameters are learned from a labeled corpus. As with our earlier convention, we use G to indicate a dependency tree and G to indicate a set of dependency trees. Similarly, S = w0 w1 .

This scheme presupposes that, for every sentence Sd with dependency tree Gd , we can construct a transition sequence that results in Gd . 2 and relying on the dependency tree Gd = (Vd , Ad ) to compute the oracle function in line 3 as follows: ⎧ if (β[0], r, σ [0]) ∈ Ad Left-Arcr ⎪ ⎪ ⎨ Right-Arcr if (σ [0], r, β[0]) ∈ Ad and, for all w, r , o(c = (σ, β, A)) = if (β[0], r , w) ∈ Ad then (β[0], r , w) ∈ A ⎪ ⎪ ⎩ Shiftr otherwise The first case states that the correct transition is Left-Arcr if the correct dependency tree has an arc from the first word β[0] in the input buffer to the word σ [0] on top of the stack with dependency label r.

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